Global portfolio we innovate to expand and improve our product range all the time

Product diversification and market share

DUAL started as a specialist financial lines underwriter. In 2008, these lines made up 99% of our GWP. This has reduced over time as our product portfolio expands. Financial Lines market shares are less than 10% in all territories creating exciting growth opportunities.

Our product portfolio is specifically designed to meet the needs of small to mid-market business owners and managers. We have refined our policies to respond to the particular needs of our clients in various territories around the world.

DUAL’s Product Portfolio

We specialise in liability insurances for directors, officers and trustees in both the public and private sectors. DUAL also offers various forms of asset protection insurance such as fraud and computer crime coverage. DUAL's underwriters also manage a large portfolio of professional insurances and have developed products for a broad range of professions. We offer scheme, affinity and white labelling opportunities on all lines.

Professional Indemnity Personal Accident Contractors Liability Commercial Real Estate High Net Worth Household  Residential and Commercial Aerospace Public Officials 
Directors & Officer’s Travel General Liability Specialty Ultra High Net Worth Property Title Insurance  Marine Antiques & Collectables 
Management Liability Overseas Medical Expenses Cyber Liability Flood Shoot Cancellation  Title to shares  Offshore Energy  Risk Management (US)
Funds Directors & Officers E-VAC Emergency Repatriation  Aviation Products Liability High Net Worth High Net Worth Motor  Executor and Inheritance Protection  Offshore Energy/Property  Political Violence 
Employment Practice Liability Life Cover  Accident & Health  Construction Specialist Motor  Real Estate Warranties & Indemnities Terrorism  
Pension Trustee Liability     Unoccuppied Properties   Commercial Real Estate Insurance  War & Political Risks   
Public/Private Offering of Securities     General Commercial Combined    Donation Insurance     
Financial Institutions Bond               
Investment Management              
Computer Crime              
Cash in Transit              


Product availability

Most of our products are available worldwide and we are developing new products for new markets all the time. DUAL aims to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative high quality products available at the right price delivered in the most efficient and cost-effective ways. Our e-trading capability – DUAL e-Bind – is available for most products.

For further detailed information regarding DUAL products please contact your local office.